Good Thoughts

Sep 3, 2020

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You act (karma), and you receive the reaction (karm-phal).

But that only works for physics, not LIFE. Wish life was as simple as physics. We act, but receive the fruit of our work only in due course of time. What if we say you could slightly modify your ‘karma’ today to make life easy, and happier later? What if the storms coming your way could be delayed, or reduced in intensity? Would you not like that?

Come to Raja Babu, he will help you solve your problems. He will guide you not just through astrology, but with vastu and other scientific techniques to make life smooth.

In life we are put into situations by God. At times He clears the path to make way, or creates obstructions to lead us in the right direction. God works in mysterious ways. Raja Babu cannot not change the laws God has made, but can certainly twist them a bit to make life happier. He can help you be stronger to face life. He can make you calmer or more aggressive, as the situation may need you to be. Come, experience it for yourself.



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